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As a former junior hockey player, who could barely touch his knees let alone his toes, I was dragged kicking and screaming to my first Bikram yoga class by my wife, Jenna. Despite growing up in a yoga family — my Dad is an Ashtanga and Yin teacher — my past yoga experiences consisted of either just watching the class or being suspended by a strap, a bolster, six blocks and a blanket while everyone else could do all the postures. With hot yoga, for the first time I felt like I could actually move! In 2010 with plans to open a yoga studio and Jenna pregnant, I thought I’d better go to teacher training. While we owned Bikram Yoga Red Deer, I coached and organized several yoga asana championships and competed at the international level. After working with numerous business coaches and developing staff mentorship, sales training, and marketing programs at our studio, I started getting approached by other yoga studio owners looking for help with their business. When we decided to sell our studio (as well as our house and everything else we owned) to travel full time with our kids, I got even deeper into the wellness industry by teaching and doing business consulting for yoga studios on the road through Nomad Business Coaching. I found that the industry has changed so much in recent years and studios with a great product are struggling unnecessarily. In 2016 I became a certified Mindbody consultant, created the first online course for yoga business called The Foundation, and launched our powerful onsite Studio Overhaul program. While business coaching with studio owners all over the world, it has been awesome to see them spread yoga to more students and get the compensation they deserve.